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Our primary goals is to offer quality ABA services.


What is ABA Therapy?

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a systematic and evidence-based approach to understanding and improving human behavior. Therapy sessions focus on observable and measurable behavior. It often looks like play time. Providers seek to understand and change an unwanted behavior by identifying its functional relationships with the environment.

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ABA therapy can be applied to a wide range of populations and behavioral challenges and is often used to improve social, communication, developmental, and learning skills through reinforcement strategies.

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ABA therapy involves several phases, each one tailored to the person’s individual needs. This is because ABA treatment is not a “one size fits all” solution and the most meaningful interventions are entirely centered around an individual’s unique needs, strengths, abilities, and behavior presentation.

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In a nutshell, ABA therapy can be highly valuable for a variety of individuals with a variety of different needs.




Looking for a new school?

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Swan Therapy Group, LLC is partnering with Cygnet Academy to ​bring ABA centered education to the south valley for the 2024-2025 ​school year.


  • Individualized Academics for PreK-12
  • ABA Therapy
  • OT, PT, & Speech Therapies
  • Social & Life Skills

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For information call or email:


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Our Mission

To promote and further ABA as a recognized and respected industry through culture, training, and retention.

Our Vision

To see Swan Therapy Group, LLC become the largest ABA services provider in Arizona by providing quality training, valuable therapeutic services and maintaining a network of community providers and industry partners.

Our Focus

Learn all we can so we can share that knowledge with our staff, clients and their caregivers.

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